buprenorphine therapy

Waterford Wellness is proud to provide Medication-Assisted-Management of Opioid Addiction.  We understand that opioid addiction is not a choice, it is a disease.  Much like any other disease, it requires multimodal therapy, including counseling and often times medication.  Many studies have shown that best chances of success with the lowest risk of relapse require both medication and counseling.  Our program includes and requires both.  Once stabilized on an appropriate medication regimen determined through several sessions of one-on-one physician evaluation, patients will attend weekly group or one-on-one therapy sessions.  This program requires commitment, and patients will be regularly and randomly assessed to ensure compliance.

We also provide implantable Probuphine services for qualifying patients.  Probuphine is a 6-month subdermal implant available to patients requiring 8 mg of buprenorphine per day or less.  Insurance precertification is required prior to this procedure to ensure that patients will be reimbursed for the costs paid up front.